"Play the Part" in Flat Out 1, a conversation with Bob Bruegmann about unintentional design invention.
Flat Out 1
"Chicago Was Nowhere" in Harvard Design Magazine 48, a conversation with Sam Jacob about American space.
Harvard Design Magazine 48
"The Midwest" in Suprarural, a description of my dad's improbable take on where the West ends and the Midwest begins.
"To Too Much" in Revista Notas 42, a speculation on repetition and excess in architecture, using peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an analog.
Notas CPAU 42
"Al Ain's Coevolutionary Contract" in Strategies for the Qattara / Al Jimi Oases, on how the natural environment controls people as much as we control it.
"Cue the Sun" in The Generic Sublime, an essay about different kinds of design decisions.
The Generic Sublime
"Notes on Campfire" in Report from the Department of Fabrications, some questions about how we might understand energy culturally in addition to scientifically.
"Why the Prius is Ugly" in Tank: A View on Harvard, an appreciation for aesthetics, even in projects that seem to reject beauty.
An interview with Ciro Najle in PLOT 3 about architecture and Colfax.