Five Rooms
Catamount Dormitory
Guggenheim Helsinki
At the Mirror
City County Building Plaza
The Great Poor Farm Experiment
The Bubble Garden
Curve Culture, Vol. 1
Curve Culture, Vol. 2
Poor Farm
Balloon Bubble
Energy Effects
Invisible Garage
Foam Thing
Paco Sanchez Park
Two Barns
Stapleton Rowhouses
City Loop
MCA Denver Expansion
Bubble Gum Canopy
Gum Bubble
The Architecture of Patterns
Block Test
Hydrogen Houses
Catamount House
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
The Duketh
Summer Vault
The Monuments Power the Cars
Bump Houses
Oceanic Gallery
Draft Urbanism
Winshare Tower and Plaza
Stucki Shopping Basel
Denver Botanic Gardens Tents
MoMA Young Architects Program
Lo Hi Plaza